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Tailor Made Tours

The Antiques Trail

If you’re on the hunt for antiques or just interested to visit the shops then why not make an occasion of it. The Cotswolds has a wealth of antique shops across the region and it can be great fun visiting a variety of them in different towns.

If you know which shops you want to visit we’ll be delighted to prepare a route between them so that you can enjoy a scenic tour along the way. We’ll even make appointments to view if required.

If you need help finding shops that specialise in what you’re looking for then we’ll assist if we can. We’re not experts in antiques but will be happy to liaise with the Cotswolds Art and Antique Dealers’ Association (CADA) for assistance in locating suitable dealers.

Alternatively, you may find the answers you’re looking for on the CADA web site which can be reached here.

Chauffeured shopping is a little indulgence that can add so much convenience and enjoyment to your trip.