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The "Haunted Pubs" Tour

With much of Englandís less glorious history taking shape in its darkest corners, the Cotswolds has witnessed some truly gruesome goings on. Many an unfortunate person, kings and commoners alike met their untimely end at the hands of ruthless foes who were far from squeamish!

Over the centuries, ancient accounts of dastardly deeds and strange happenings have matured nicely into terrifying tales that will send a shiver down the creakiest spine. No wonder then that stories abound of those who departed early coming back to have another go - be prepared to meet the visitors who arenít on holiday!

This light hearted tour will introduce you to a few pubs where some of the scariest stories grew up.

Make of them what you will. We hope youíll enjoy the pubs for what they are today and not let your imagination get the better of you - even after a few!

Iíll be waiting outside with the engine running.